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How To Print Stickers


Printing stickers can be a very fun and creative way to spend time with your kids! 


There are various different methods you could choose from, it all depends on what you like.


1. Let your kids make them. This has been our number 1 method because kids love it! Have your kids cut them out and then use clear packaging tape ☺

2. Print on sticker paper and then use an craft cutting stencil knife tool. Don't forget to cut on a cutting mat.

3. If you have a Cricut or a similar machine you can use that!


You won't need all these products. What you need depends on the method you choose. 

  • A4 printer paper (90gsm) - Get it here

  • Child friendly scissors - Get it here

  • Clear packaging tape - Get it here

  • White sticker paper - Get it here (gloss & matte options available)

  • Clear sticker paper - Get it here

  • Sticker cutting tool - Get it here

  • A4 Cutting Mat - Get it here

  • Stainless Steal Ruler - Get it here

  • Cricut - Take a look on Amazon and see what suits you.

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